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Shower Services

We provide the most conducive environment for your workout with well maintained changing rooms and showers to leave you refreshed after a great workout

Our Equipment

We provide the best equipment there is for getting the build you desire for each part of your body. All our equipments are well maintained and sanitized regularly.

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Stop Wishing. Start Doing.

Procrastinate it no more! A journey of thousand miles begins with a step, take that bold step today!

Get Started! Be on the Move


Be time conscious!


Do it everyday! Practice makes perfection!

Weight Loss

And finally burn some calories

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Group Fitness

Join in our engaging and interactive aerobic/strength-based Group Fitness Classes led by our group instructors. Be sure to bring your friends along! It’s huge fun!


Cardio Workout

Our Cardio workouts are the most effective ways to boost cardiovascular fitness and burn body fat in the shortest time. You’ll be seeing the results in no time! These workouts include walking, running, jumping and using the elliptical machine.

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Personal trainer

We offer Personal Trainers to help you with form, motivation, accountability and overall results instead of struggling with workouts and risking injury. Our trainers are available to assist you!

Boot Camp Classes

Push yourself to the maximum with our Boot Camp Classes. Participate in our intense mixes of aerobics, strength training and speed elements with intervals of lighter activity within each class session. Build your endurance with Fitness Plus!

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We have aerobic physical exercises of low to high intensity, depending on your own primary energy-generating process. Our Aerobic classes are designed to help turn all your carbohydrates into energy.

Nutritional Counselling

We provide assessments that analyze your various health needs in regard to your diet and exercise. Our counsellors will help you achieve your health goals and teach you how to maintain these goals with the right meal plans.

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